Aurum Blue™

Controlled Memory file
Blue – the colour of extraordinary elasticity and
fracture resistance

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  • Unique Manufacturing Process
    Due to the unique heat and surface treatment during manufacturing,
    Aurum Blue files offer maximum flexibility without compromising
  • Super flexible alloy
    Significantly reduces the risk of ledging, transportation
    or perforation of a canal
  • Bendability
    Easier access to a canal orifice
  • Electro-polishing surface treatment
    Removes imperfections and adds strength
  • Shape recovery
    Heat treatment during manufacturing allows for shape recovery
    during autoclaving


Extremely resistant to fracture Number of cycles to failure

Aurum Blue™

Protaper Universal

Square shape: 20/.10, 20/.04
Excellent centering, fracture-resistant

Convex triangular shape: 25/.06, 35/.04
Resistant to torsional stress while maintaining flexibility

Aurum Blue, pack of 4

Contents Length
ID Size

17 mm 21 mm 25 mm 31 mm
Sequence pack (20/.10, 20/.04, 25/.06, 35/.04)
CF (20/.10 20

T1 (20/.04) 20

T1.5 (25/.04) 25

T2 (25/.06) 25

T2.5 (30/.04) 30

T3 (35/.04) 35

T4 (40/.04) 40

T4.5 (45/.04) 45

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