EndoRing II

Endodontic Organizer
with Metal Ruler

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Package Contents

1 EndoRing II Assembly
6 e-Foam Inserts
1 Metal Ruler
4 Single Use Cups

Each Assembly Includes

1 EndoRing Cup
3 Finger Rings (S, M, L)
1 Reusable Cup
1 Adaptor Ring
Endoring Ablauf A A

Before assembly, choose one of three ring sizes (small, medium or large) that best fits your index finger. Slide the selected ring into the cup channel located beneath the scale.

Endoring Ablauf B B

Place the EndoRing e-Foam insert into the EndoRing cup. Pull the e-Foam insert out the bottom of the cup to seat the foam.

Endoring Ablauf C C

Prior to first use, autoclave the EndoRing cup with the metal ruler attached to the ruler platform. After the first autoclaving, the metal ruler will easily slide on and off the EndoRing cup. For subsequent autoclaving, always remove the metal ruler from the ruler platform. WARNING: If the metal ruler gets loose, remove it and autoclave the EndoRing cup for 2 cycles to restore the retention feature.

Endoring Ablauf D D

Arrange hand files, rotary files or other instruments into the e-Foam insert. Remove all file bioburden prior to autoclaving files in the e-Foam insert. When using rubber stops, utilize the stop locks on either the built-in ruler or the detachable metal ruler to increase or decrease the instrument’s working length. The rulers perform well with paper points, gutta percha and many other endodontic instruments. To efficiently clean instruments, simply pass them in and out of the e-Foam insert. You can also clean instruments by sliding them through the corrugated area on top of the e-Foam insert. Rubber stops can be safely added to instruments using the ports located on the back of the EndoRing cup.

Endoring Ablauf E E

Attachments can be placed onto the EndoRing cup to hold lubricant or other lubricating gels and liquid. Use either the reusable 2.0ml cup (1) or the single-use clear .65ml cup (2) inserted into the attachment ring. These can be reversibly attached to either side of the EndoRing cup.

Endoring Ablauf F F

The back of the EndoRing cup features the Endo Docking Station™. When held by an assistant, a doctor operating under a surgical microscope, can safely pass files into the expanded area of e-Foam. The area is also ideal for storing used files.

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