Polywave Curing Light

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  • deep, uniform curing
  • compatible with all kinds of photo initiators
  • 5 programmes
  • high intensity & focused light

High Intensity & Focused light

  • High Intensity of 1800mW/cm²
  • Enables deep and uniform curing of restoration

Dual Wavelength LED

  • wide usability
  • Usable for all kinds of materials with 405nm & 460nm peak wavelength LED

Relative light intensity

5 types of light curing

  • User can select curing type according to treatment
  • High, Low, Soft start & Pulse mode
  • flexible curing time

light curing modes

Special Features for user and patient


  • Slim head & 330° head twist
  • comfortable to the patient
  • easy access to posterior teeth


  • Angled hand piece


  • OLED Screen
  • excellent readability


  • High capacity battery
  • Ensures long operation time (with 2400 mAh)


Type Glare
Hand piece 1
Charger 1
Adapter & Power Cord 1
Battery 1 (2400 mAh)
Disposable cover 2 (100 pcs/pack)
User manual 1


Model Glare
Wavelength 400~490 (nm)
Screen OLED
Power source Lithium-ion-battery 2400mAh
Light source High power dual wavelength LED
Weight approx. 130g

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