Dual-cured build-up material

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  • Suitable viscosity and flow for post cementation and core build-up
  • Dual curing: light-curing and self-curing are possible, so no need to worry about incorrect resin polymerisation
  • Biocompatibiliy (ISO10993)
  • Easy-to-mix by auto-mixing type, Direct injection: Intraoral-tip, Endo-tip
  • Excellent radiopacity
  • 3 shades (tooth, white and ceramic restoration blue: metal restoration)
  • Suitability for cutting (flexural modulus: NexCore 14.2GPa)

Areas of application

  • Post-adhesions and core structures in restorations


NexCore cartridge ×1 with 50 g paste, 30× Automix tip, 30× intraoral tip
NexCore cartridge refill ×1 with 50 g paste (shade: tooth, white, blue)
NexCore dual syringe ×2 with 9 g paste, 20× Automix tip, 10× Intraoral tip, 10× Endo-tip
NexCore dual syringe refill ×1 with 9 g paste (shade: tooth, white, blue)

Composition of physical property parameter

Competitor A Competitor B NexCore


Barium glass, ytterbium(III) fluoride, pyrogenic silicic acid Bis-GMA, TEGDMA

Physical properties

Working time 1:50 ~ 2:20 min
Setting time 4:00 ~ 5:00 min (self-curing)
20 ~ 40 s (light-curing)
Flexural strength (light-curing) 20 ~ 40 s (light-curing)
Water resorption, solubility 16,5/ 2,3 μg/mm²
Radiopacity Optical density corresponds to the optical density on a 4.2 mm aluminium step wedge
Shade and colour stability No change in colour and identical to the shade guide.

Flexural strength modulus – polymerisation shrinkage rate


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