Seok Song Oh
  Representative Director
  Meta Biomed Co., LTD.
Seok Song Oh
Representative Director
Meta Biomed Co., LTD.

from our CEO

Welcome to META BIOMED. Thirty years of business success speak for themselves: thanks to our dedication and innovative spirit, today we are a well-established name in the health and medical sector. We are committed to production excellence and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We export our products to more than 80 countries and have been a driving force for innovation since our foundation. As a result of our research endeavours, we have not only consistently enhanced the quality of our own products, but have also made a long-term contribution to the further development of this entire industrial segment.

In the bio-engineering sector in particular, we have assumed a pioneering role with the development of alternative bone substitutes for orthopaedic treatments. New and innovative products are on the verge of market maturity and will soon enable our customers to perform advanced treatments. As such, META BIOMED is growing continuously and, looking toward the future, will continue to set great store by change and progress.

As a company in the health sector, we also have a particular responsibility vis-à-vis society. We remain continually focused on this responsibility and always do our utmost to ensure that every single product meets these standards. The entire META BIOMED team embraces this responsibility with its shared values and rises to the daily challenges with creativity and dedication.

Our history
at a glance

  • With the establishment of our Vietnamese branch Meta Biomed Vina, we are now able to tap into new
    markets in Asia.

  • The foundation of our branch in Germany helps to drive growth on the European market.

  • We are listed as a World Class 300 enterprise, are nominated as a global specialist and certified as a
    competence-reinforced company in Chungbuk, South Korea.

  • The Ministry for Family Matters and Gender Equality in Korea names us as a particularly family-
    friendly company. We are presented with the KASBA “Best Management Award” and our product “I-
    Dolphin” receives the CE certificate.

  • We win the KOTRA Jangbogo Award and the Korean Prime Minister Prize. We are also invited to
    accompany the President on his official visit to China. Our bone graft material receives CE certification
    and we set up a second production site in Cambodia.

  • META BIOMED receives the Great Korean Grand Prize and adds new members to its management

  • We relocate to our new premises in BioValley Osong, South Korea and are successfully certified to
    the environmental management standard ISO 14001 for the first time.

  • After taking over S-Denti Co. Ltd. we incorporate it successfully as an affiliated company. The same
    year also marks the foundation of a successful joint venture in Tokyo, Japan.

  • For the first time in our history, the company is listed on the KOSDAQ, the technology index for the
    South Korean share market. We receive CE and PDA certification for our bone restoration material for
    dental applications and set up our US department. The Korea International Trade Association names
    us trade partner of the year and we launch measures to regenerate META BIOMED with a new CI and
    our “Vision 2015”. We also start our expansion in Cambodia and our endodontic root canal sealer is
    selected as a World Best Product.

  • META BIOMED taps into the potential offered by Brazil and has its bone restoration material CE- and
    FDA-certified. Moreover, the E&Q Master is selected as one of the best products in its class in the

  • We apply for a US patent for our bone restoration material and, simultaneously, expand our production
    capacities in Ochang, South Korea. The service we offer is honoured at the Korean Innovative
    Technology Show.

  • The FDA checks and approves our operations. The SMBA includes us in its list of promising

  • We successfully register our product AD SEAL with the FDA and are honoured by MEST as an
    outstanding research institute.

  • Our Metapex and Metapaste products are successfully registered with the FDA and named a “World
    Best Product” by E&Q Plus.

  • META BIOMED becomes a supplier and partner of MKE.

  • We change our name to META BIOMED CO., LTD. and construction of our production and research
    facilities in Ochang in South Korea is completed.

  • The SMBA selects us as a company which displays excellent technical expertise. Our cooperation
    with Baotou Meta in China gets underway and we receive CE certification for our Metapex and
    Metapaste products.

  • Our technical laboratory is opened and we are honoured by the Industry-Academia Institute
    Association and the Korean Prime Minister. This year also sees the sharpening of our profile as a
    developer in the field of biomechanics and the company’s legal form is changed into a corporation.

  • We are awarded ISO9001/CE certification (GP, PP).

  • Our production facilities are registered with the FDA.

  • METADENTAL CO., LTD. is founded as the predecessor of META BIOMED.

Our management philosophy:
Our sights are firmly set on the future!

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